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Our Approach

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals!

Step 1: Consulting

Consulting is the first and most pivotal step at Anax Experience.  This is the beginning of building our business relationship with you and turning our business relationship into what a great business relationship should be.  During this time, we at Anax Experience learn about the goals you want to achieve.  We take this first important step so that we fully understand where you want to go so Anax Experience can deliver a top notch product that you are completely satisfied with.

Step 2: Discovery

Discovery is the next step in our five step process.  Discovery is where we learn about our clients and their business.  Once we have a solid understanding of your business and goals, we can then develop a valuable solution that will make you successful online.

Step 3: Design

Design is the next pivotal step in the Anax Experience process. Once we learn of our clients’ business needs and wants, we can begin developing your website. We provide structure, graphic and web design. These are the three components your business needs to be successful online.

Structure is key to getting ranked higher. At Anax Experience, we start onsite SEO immediately with the design. Our creative professionals are the best in the business when it comes to design and SEO. At Anax Experience we are adaptable to change and stay ahead of the curve so that we can provide the best design and SEO for our clients.

Graphic Design is extremely important as this is your business logo for people to remember. Our creative professionals will deliver a product you will be proud of that meets all of your criteria discovered during the Discovery Step.

Web Design is key to your online success. It must be visually stunning to your current and prospective clients. This is only possible after the Discovery Step. Once the Discovery Step is completed, we can start designing and building your website utilizing the color scheme you have chosen. All of our designs are responsive as that is the current SEO standard.

Step 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the fourth step in our five step process.  At Anax Experience we offer organic growth which is more cost effective for our clients in the long run.  We have developed an onsite SEO algorithm that we implement for all of our customers.  This procedure is effective because it’s up to date with current SEO practices and allows us to remain ahead of the curve while utilizing groundbreaking technology. This allows us to adapt to change in order to assist our clients which in turns enhances their online presence.

Step 5: Our Complete Solution

Solutions is the final step of our five step process.  At Anax Experience we develop custom solutions for all of our clients as each client has different business needs and goals.  We have found that this five step process is integral to our being able to achieve the perfect solution for you and your business.  It is in Anax Experience DNA to help make our customers successful.  We will do whatever you need to make sure you have a terrific experience, to meet and exceed all of your needs to get great results.

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